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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Gynexin Male Breast Reduction Pills.


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Gynexin is the original male breast reduction pill, most popular, reliable, and most trusted breast reduction product as an alternative to breast reduction surgery. Gynexin's optimal formula has been patented. Do not be fooled by substitute products that claim to be like Gynexin Breast Reduction, all others do not contain the important & very necessary ingredients for guaranteed breast reduction. Gynexin's patented breast reduction pills were designed to deliver maximum results. No other breast reduction pill can offer what Gynexin offers.

With Gynexin Male Breast Reduction You Can...

- Eliminate Ridicule from Other Men and Women
- Stop Embarrassing Doctors Visits
- Improve Your Sex Life
- Improve Your Health
- Increase Your Self Esteem
- Fit Into Shirts Better
- Reduce Breast Size Without Surgery and Without Scars
- Reduce your Bust Size Without Taking Valuable Time Off of Work


Frequently Asked Questions

1. "What is Gynexin male breast reduction?"
Gynexin breast reduction is a safe alternative to other methods of breast reduction such as plastic surgery and liposuction.

2. "How does Gynexin male breast reduction work?"
Gynexin increases the muscle tone and reduces fat in your chest. Gynexin works by targeting the fatty cells (subcutaneous adipose tissue) in your chest

3. "How do I take Gynexin male breast reduction pills?"
Simply take 3 Gynexin breast reduction pills per day, 1 before each meal for best results. Do not exceed 5 per day. Make sure you take each Gynexin pill with a tall glass of water. They need to be hydrated into your system to receive the best reduction results.

4. "How do the breast reduction pills know to target the breasts?"
You will notice that the pill will decrease body fat throughout the entire body but since Gynexin patented formula targets the subcutaneous adipose tissue that is found more predominately and abundantly in your chest where it is more dense you will notice a much more of a loss of fatty tissue.

5. "Are there any negative side effects of Gynexin breast reduction?"
Absolutely zero, our Gynexin pills are made from 100% all natural herbs and specially selected chemicals designed to promote breast reduction so you will not experience any side effects. Regardless of your age or medical condition, the powerful breast reduction formula can work for you. Even though Gynexin is Doctor recommended we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any of our breast reduction products.

6. "How long will the Gynexin male breast reduction pill take to work?"
Customers have reported noticeable reduction which starts a few weeks after using Gynexin. Most customers will see satisfying results within 6 months, and there are no side effects known to be associated with long term use of this product.

7. "What results should I expect from using Gynexin male breast reduction Pills?"
Up to and between 30%-50% depending on the length of time you take Gynexin breast reduction pills.

8. "How many boxes of Gynexin breast reduction should I start with?"
Breast reduction is quite a process, so we definitely don't recommend ordering LESS than a 3 month supply. The most popular package we have is for our 4 month pill supply. This package is popular because when you order a 4 month supply of Gynexin breast reduction pills, you'll get your 5th month ABSOLUTELY FREE, saving you a whopping $115 when you order! Regardless the package size you order, your product comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you KNOW you won't be disappointed.

9. "How long should I take Gynexin male breast reduction pills?"
Take Gynexin breast reduction pills until you reach your desired chest size. There have been no reported long-term side effects associated with the use of Gynexin breast reduction pills. Many men decide to continue taking Gynexin breast reduction even after a 3-6 month supply. Further decreases in breast size are entirely possible with continued use of Gynexin breast reduction pills.

10. "Are the pills addictive?"
No, the breast reduction pills have no ingredients that will cause you to become addicted or suffer from withdrawals after discontinuing use of Gynexin Breast Reduction pills.

11. "I have high blood pressure, can I use your Gynexin male breast reduction pills?"
Our products are not known to raise or lower systemic blood pressure, however if you are currently taking high blood pressure medication or anti-inflammatory medication then you may not see complete results. Please contact your doctor if you are taking any regular medication to ensure our products won't interfere with the effectiveness of your prescriptions.

12. "Are the reductions permanent?"
You can stop taking Gynexin breast reduction pills when you reach your desired size and you'll never have to take it again. There have been no reported loss of results after you discontinue use of the product. Results also depend on your diet and current lifestyle of exercise.

13. "Will one chest side reduce at a faster rate than the other?"
Gynexin breast reduction results are uniform. The reduction process is equal in both the right and left breast. The beauty of Gynexin breast reduction pills results are that you will NOT get any scarring.

14. "Will I experience any discomfort?"
Some customers have reported increased sensitivity in the nipple area when they first begin taking Gynexin Breast Reduction Pills. Not to worry though, these symptoms will subside within one week.

15. "Are Gynexin Male Breast Reduction PIlls FDA approved?"
The ingredients have been given "GRASE" status by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) "and recognized as safe and effective".

16." Do I need a prescription to purchase Gynexin Male Breast Reduction pills"
A prescription is NOT required for Gynexin Breast Reduction Pills, since Gynexin is not a narcotic or controlled substance.

17. "What else should I know about Gynexin Male Breast Reduction Pills?"
Gynexin breast reduction has helped over 37,000 men achieve there desired breast/chest size. Gynexin is the most trusted, most reliable, and most effective breast reduction product on the market

18. "How soon after I order can I expect delivery?"
You can expect your breast reduction product to arrive in the mail in an unmarked package for your privacy within 4-7 days from date of order.

19. "Can you ship to my country?"
Yes, we ship worldwide. If you would like to ask about your specific country, feel free to contact us. Contact Gynexin

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